Footings are the most important part of every new build. The strength of the Concrete is crucial. Local Building Control will detimind what type of footing you need to what depth you dig and pour.  

Ground works

Blockwork Oversites

This is the stage where you start to see your house grow out of the ground. Everything is built to plan using lazer levels. All cavities are formed and internal Drainage installed.

Every stage is checked and signed of by Building Control 

Block and beam floor

Block and Beam Floors

Block and Beam floors are the most commonly used floors. Again a plan is supplied and as long as all measurements are correct the floor should be completed within a few days 



All new Drainage should be covered in shingle, this is to prevent the drainage from moving should the ground around it do so.

Again all drainage on new builds will be installed to the plan supplied and signed of by Building Control