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A Beautiful Slate Patio finished with Ultrascape Flow Point

I want to talk about the finishing product that we used on this project. As stunning as this Slate Patio looks this post is all about Ultrascape.

This Grout slurry is simply magic, unlike all over grouts on the market this really does what its meant to do.

I've tried a few shop brought grouts which claim to work in any weather and save the contractor time( which are not cheap I should add) which all tend to fail after a hard winter, Ultrascape flow point really is different and I cant recommend it enough, its with out doubt the hardest grout I've ever used. Follow the instructions on how much water to add and that is it, your ready to go. Feel free to watch the Video clips I've added but most importantly don't be scared of it when its drying out. It takes about 15-20 mins and it will look like you've covered your whole patio in concrete but that's when the magic happens. A simple touch test on the joints to check they are all hard and you're ready for jet washing, you will be surprised how easy the Flow point cleans of the Paving slabs yet stays in the joints, just remember to clean up any excess Grout you jet wash of the Patio

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