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Finishing's on a New Build in Surrey

After receiving the plans we started work on this project in the middle of winter with a time frame of four months, It was a very tight site for access made even more difficult by extremely muddy ground.

We set about by digging out the Driveway to create a hard standing area for future deliveries.

Next on the list was to Fence the boundaries of the development, This was created using Cedar Timber with a hit and miss Style, which gives the impression that you can see through the fence with all the privacy that a fence should offer.

The Boundary wall on the other side of the site are reinforced Concrete Blocks, this was needed to to the weight of the ground level behind, finished with a white k Rend render, whilst we cant take credit for the Render as we sub contracted this out to a local Plasterer due to the tight time frame we were under, it was finished to our high Standard.

Now on the Patio. A dark grey porcelain which was used to match the Kitchen floor, We laid this on a reinforced Concrete pad. Now I'm not saying this is the only base you should have for your Patio but we choose to form this manly because of the soft ground underneath. The Slabs were grouted down using an outdoor Grout, We were very pleased with the finish.

Last on the list was the driveway its self, A tegula Block was used, three different sizes, Permeable Block which lets all surface water through into the ground, The Drive itself is laid on Granite Chippings for added strength and for the permeable aspect

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